Service Agreement

The CUSTOMER, who purchases discounted services, including early reservation, even through the call center and agency,

is obliged to pay the entire service fee on the reservation date. CUSTOMER, all purchases made using the website, mobile sale or app.

is obliged to pay the entire service fee on the reservation date.

11- After the performance of the said service, the credit card used by the CUSTOMER to pay the service fee is not caused by the fault of


to the service fee of the relevant bank or financial institution for the claim of unfair and unlawful use by unauthorized persons.

if he doesn't pay

The CUSTOMER will be responsible for the disputed service fee and any damages, together with the legal interest to be accrued from the date of booking.

12- If refuses to provide the service unfairly,,

Returns all payments made by the CUSTOMER to the CUSTOMER within 14 days.

13- The CUSTOMER fulfills the service conditions by notifying it in writing or through permanent data storage until 7 days before the start of the service.

may be transferred to a third party. The transferee is responsible for the balance and all costs arising from the transfer together with the transferor.

14- Participation in the service where the CUSTOMER misses the start time of the service reported in the Travel Content (Voucher)

In the event that it does not notify in writing that it will do so, will cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the CUSTOMER after 24 hours.

has the right.

In such cases, no refund will be made to the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER may rejoin the service within 24 hours from the start of the service.

If he/she declares that he/she will do so, he/she can benefit from the service.

15- informs that the supplier providing the service will not provide service, provided that it notifies the CUSTOMER

 from the start of service

 may cancel it in whole or in part. Eligibility of suppliers within the scope of reservation fees paid by the customer for each service

 CUSTOMER may use its right to decide for alternatives that may be offered to it. CUSTOMER; (1) by withdrawing from the contract without paying compensation

 the right to receive a refund for the unconsumed service fee within 14 days, (2) the price paid (if any) offered to him by

 of equal value

 the right to participate in another service without paying an additional fee, or the right to participate in a higher value service by paying the difference, (3)

 If he chooses a service, he has the right to be refunded the price difference.

16- The CUSTOMER, if he wishes, at his own expense, before the start of the accommodation service, in case of accident or illness, with the costs of returning to the exit point.

 can insure the costs of treatment and damage arising from all kinds of accidents.

17- Since the contact information such as address, phone, e-mail shared by the CUSTOMER during the purchase will be used for notifications, the contact information

The responsibility of not notifying the changes belongs to the CUSTOMER.

18- In case the CUSTOMER is underage; from service without accompanying parent or legal custody, subject to agency rules.

 If such a situation arises, the cancellation conditions written in this document will come into effect.

19- After the end of the service, the CUSTOMER can participate in the satisfaction measurement survey if he/she is called and approved for the purpose of measuring his/her satisfaction,

The GSM number dialed during participation and the Customer's e-mail address are recorded only for membership creation and confirmation purposes.

 complaints, suggestions, etc. along with name and surname information. In order to resolve the opinions, it can be forwarded to the relevant agency and the site

 It can be published on after being reviewed within the framework of the rules.